About Us

Award winning sculptor, Steven Schneider has been creating artwork since childhood.  As a child, Steve would  escape to a world of camouflaged WWII tanks and civil war muskets by painting 1” models of soldiers and their gear.  He would pick moss from trees to make bushes for cover and get the soldier’s uniform painted all the way down to the patches.  From there, he explored the arts of oil painting, ceramics, wood sculpting, and pencil drawings.  With only very few college courses, Steve, quickly mastered each technique with his natural ability to create stunning pieces of art.

In 1990, Steve discovered the artistic medium of bronze.  He quickly learned that this medium allows his creations to shine.  Bronze accentuates the muscles of the horse’s neck, reaching for its next step.  It makes the curvature of a female’s back glow in the sun.  It casts the sword of the Spartan and the six-shooter of the cowboy in bronze to be enjoyed by all forever.

The subject of all of Steve’s pieces focus on either history or anatomy and all contain an emotional relevance.  Every piece of art that Steve creates is historically and anatomically accurate.  He painstakingly searches reference materials to ensure that every movement is natural, each muscle is properly represented, and every piece of equipment is true to that subject’s real-life counterpart.  Each sculpture also radiates emotions of both the subject and the artist including fear, frustration, pride and freedom. 

Since Steve “unleashed” his artistic side in the early ninety’s, he has created one of a kind pieces for multiple private collectors and public art commissions.  You may see his art in the streets of Mesa, on the news remembering a fallen police officer, or resting quietly on the mantle of a private residence for an owner to enjoy and escape into, if only for a moment.

When Steve is not creating art work, he is humbly working as a Firefighter for the Tempe Fire Department.  He enjoys having the opportunity to help people in need as well as spending time with his second family, his crew.  He has two grown children with his wife of over 30 years, Donna.  All of whom love him and appreciate him more than words can explain.

Steve can truly be described as a universal man.  He can do anything that he is tasked with and uses it as a lesson to build for his next great task.  Please feel free to ask him about anything.



Best of Show; “Castle Rock Fine Art Show” Castlerock, CO

Runner-up Best of Show; “Castle Rock Fine Art Show” Castlerock, CO

Best Sculpture; “Castle Rock Fine Art Show” Castlerock, CO

Best of Show; San Jose Fine Art Festival San Jose, CA

Scottsdale “Celebration of the Finest Art and Artist” Scottsdale, AZ

Featured Artist “Colorado Springs Festival of Art” Sponsored by “Thunderbird Artist”  Colorado Springs, CO

Featured Artist “Carefree Wine and Art” Sponsored by “Thunderbird Artist”  Carefree, AZ



Knight Transportation; 1992

Randy Knight—Phoenix, AZ

Charging Knight, Representing Company Logo

City of Tempe Fire Administration Department; 1995

Tempe, AZ

Dedicated to Fallen Fire Fighter Ed Gaicki; 2 Firefighters advancing a hose line

Miner, Kennedy & Associates; 2000

Bob Kennedy—Scottsdale, AZ

Design a point man of the Vietnam Era

Littleton Colorado Wolverines; 2000

Littleton High School—Littleton, CO

Two natural wolves of mascot located in front entrance of school

City of Mesa “Sculptures on the Street”; 2002

Ultimate Imaginations—Mesa, AZ

Commissioned by Mesa Tribune, owner Ward Calvert and Family;

Sculpt a young teen boy delivering the newspaper on a 1950’s bike with his dog running next to him.

City of Mesa Administration Department; 2003

Chief Harry Beck, F.F. Rick Montemorra—Mesa, AZ